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Conditional Release

If you are out of custody, you have been conditionally released.
Those conditions can include:

• keeping in good contact with your attorney

• making and keeping your appointments

• appearing at all court dates

• keeping the court and you attorney apprised of your current address and phone number at all times

• checking your mail often for court notices sent to you


• To schedule an appointment, call the main number and ask to schedule an appointment with your attorney, your attorney does not schedule appointments, the office staff does.

• Office staff can also answer questions about scheduled court dates and appointments.

• If you cannot keep an appointment please call in advance to reschedule.

• If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, you will need to reschedule.

• The best way to speak with your attorney is at a scheduled appointment. You may leave a specific message with office staff and the attorney will return your call as time allows. Our attorneys spend a large portion of their time in court appearances.



• Our attorneys must get advance permission before speaking with anyone, including family members, about your case. Even if permission is granted, information is disclosed at the discretion of the attorney.

• We cannot give messages to clients in custody or set up visits


• For information about the return of bail money,
contact court records at 503-623-3154

• Polk County Jail - 503-623-9254

• Criminal Court Records - 503-831-1778

• Community Corrections (Parole and Probation) - 503-623-5226

• DHS (Child Welfare) - 503-623-8118

• Polk County Treasurers Office - 503-623-9264

• Juvenile Department - 503-623-2349

• Polk County District Attorney/Victim’s Assistance - 503-623-9268